Is US plotting WW3 invasion? North Korea criticise 'SECRET TRAINING' after talks collapse

President Trump called off his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meeting with North Korean leader  Kim Jong-Un on Friday, citing a lack of progress.

In response, North Korea’s main government newspaper has alleged that the US has been carrying out top-secret military drills geared towards an invasion.

Rodong Sinmun, the official paper of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said they had proof that US troops were carrying out “extremely provocative and dangerous” training missions.

The report said these simulations would derail any prospect of dialogue between the two powers.

The US has already responded to the reports, branding the accusations “far-fetched”. 

The North Koreans claim a South Korean radio broadcast confirmed details of the “secret mission”.

There had been “special units” sent to the Philippines, with drills training for “infiltration into Pyongyang”

Rodong Sinmun also claimed that a US nuclear submarine had transported “Green Berets, Delta Force and other special units” to a South Korean naval base in early August.

Col. John Hutcheson, the director of public affairs for US Forces Japan, said US aircrafts routinely fly to the Phillipines for operational reasons.

He added: “The notion that any single flight is related to North Korea is a bit far fetched.”

However, the North Korean paper used this as evidence of a “criminal plot to unleash a war against the DPRK”. 

The report added: “We cannot but take a serious note of the double-dealing attitudes of the US as it is busy staging secret drills involving man-killing special units while having a dialogue with a smile on its face.”

President Trump claimed that North Korea  had not done enough to surrender its nuclear weapons.

He also said the negogiations had been hindered by a lack of support from China.

The US leader added that talks with Pyongyang could be delayed until after the country’s trade dispute with Beijing had been resolved.

China has criticised the US decision while South Korea called the move as “unfortunate”. 

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